Side Delights® Autumn Promotions will have Shoppers “Fall” for Potatoes

Healthy and convenient meals are the season’s recipe for increasing potato sales with Side Delights® monthly, in-store promotions and quick and easy potato side dishes

San Francisco, CA (August 22, 2016) – Fresh Solutions Network announces its autumn promotions designed for shoppers returning to their busy schedules of back-to-school and household routine. The monthly themed merchandisers and coordinating point-of-purchase signs will attract shoppers and increase retail potato sales.

“The carefree days of summer are just a memory now. Autumn brings with it a return to routine, and the start of the holiday season.” said Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “That’s why our autumn promotions feature quick to cook, tasty, creative, crowd pleaser potato recipe ideas.”

Shoppers know that dinner preparation needs to fit into a shorter timeframe in September, and with that in mind, Side Delights® promotional theme is ”Dinner in 23 Minutes. Seriously!” The merchandiser and coordinating point-of-purchase sign visually display potatoes as the quick, tasty and healthy choice for busy families.

October’s Halloween parties will be howling good with Side Delights® promotional theme, “So Good... It’s Scary!” The enticing merchandiser and point-of-purchase sign offer a QR Code recipe for “Zombie Skins,” a fun potato skins recipe. Sixty-eight percent of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween, while one-third of Americans plan to throw or attend a Halloween party.* “Zombie Skins” will be the party’s favorite appetizer.

November’s Thanksgiving gatherings require mashed potatoes on the table and Side Delights® will take center stage with the “Mash It Like You Mean It!” promotion. The themed displays will offer multiple QR Code recipes appealing to the Traditionalist, Diplomat, Hedonist, Procrastinator and Health Nut in each family. Amplify November potato sales with this promotional mash-up.