PRESS RELEASE: Sterman Masser Inc. Helps Feed 1.5 Million Pennsylvanians at Risk for Hunger


Nov. 25 2014

Harrisburg, PA – Sterman Masser Inc. and their employee management team partnered with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and Hunters Sharing the Harvest to donate over one ton of Pennsylvania Preferred potatoes during the annual kick-off of a statewide venison donation program in Harrisburg, PA.

Hunters Sharing the Harvest, begun in 1991, is a program where Pennsylvania hunters donate their deer to be processed into ground venison to feed the needy. The processed venison is distributed statewide by food banks to over 4,000 local soup kitchens, pantries, missions and individual families. The program's annual goal is to provide 100,000 lbs of venison which is converted into 750,000 meals.

Masser Potato Farms and the Masser family have been growing and delivering quality potatoes to grocery stores and foodservice operators for over 8 generations. They provide hundreds of thousands of pounds of potatoes to food banks across Pennsylvania throughout the year. Potatoes are fresh, healthy and naturally gluten free. In addition, they contain Vitamins C and B6, Potassium, and are fat, cholesterol and sodium-free.

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank distributes more than 32 million pounds of food and grocery products, equivalent to more than 27 million meals, every year to more than 800 soup kitchens, shelters and food pantries in 27 central Pennsylvania counties. These agencies directly feed thousands of hungry families throughout central Pennsylvania.

"Hunger is a reality for more than 600,000 Pennsylvania families who wonder how they will find their next meal," said David Masser, President of Sterman Masser Inc.. "Our family and all our employees are pleased
to provide our nutritious potatoes so those families in need can enjoy a fulfilling meal together."

Ground venison meat can be utilized to create a variety of protein-based meal options, included hamburg, chili and meatloaf. When paired with potatoes (including mashed potatoes, baked potatoes and quartered potatoes), families are given a healthy and robust meal option to nourish several adults and children. "Because of rising demand, many food banks are strained. Pennsylvania's deer hunters and butcher shops play an invaluable role through the Hunters Sharing the Harvest program in helping us meet statewide demand for emergency food assistance" said Masser.